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Gift Packing

Welcome to Unforgettable Unboxing experience by Modalooks. We never were happy about how the purchases were delivered, with our company we made it to the next level. We truly believe that the price should not affect the satisfaction and first-class service. Enjoy!
Gorgeous delivery box with deep black colour and our branded logo.
Keeping all your belongings safe with style.
Keeping those personal details, to make you feel special.
Personal handwritten note with waxed sealed stamp. ( P.S. If you are getting it for someone, please contact us at the bottom of the page and yes, it`s free of charge )
Gently wrapped in a colourful thick paper together with our branded logo sticker.
All our bracelets come together with our Modalooks Linen Gift Bags. 
Beautiful gold foiled edge Thank You card, with a nice touch of surprise.