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Storytelling of our CEO

Hello, my name is Ruslan Kolotogin. As some of you may know, my company is called Modalooks. 🇭🇰 We are engaged in handcrafting men's shoes and accessories. Our Goal is to dress people within an affordable price range without sacrificing on quality. I would be so 🙏 thankful to my readers for re-posting this message after reading it! I was born in 🇪🇪 Estonia, from the city of Kohtla-Jarve with a population of 50 000 people. I've always wanted people to wear beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories. However, the choice was limited in my city as was my budget. In 2008, I received a fantastic opportunity to become a model, which significantly changed my life. After graduating from school in...

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Perfect Loafers for You.

So what exactly is a loafer and how does it differ from the Moccasin? In this guide, you will learn all about Loafers, different styles and the history of this excellent shoe.   Characteristics of a Loafer Laceless shoe. Low shoes, i.e. the ankle is exposed, and they do not wrap snugly around the ankle Separate sole A small heel, often The upper vamp has a moccasin-like construction Sometimes loafers feature a piece of leather across the vamp, which is known as a saddle From the above description, one can see the similarities between a moccasin and a loafer. However, there are a few key differences: All loafers have a separate sole; this is not the case for the majority of...

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